Decentralized Smart grid

With the increasing energy demand in India, energy generation from the Renewable energy sources plays a vital role. With the increasing number of installations of solar, wind, biomass, small hydro, there is a need for distributed smart grid . This created a need for making local grids which utilise the distributed power generation close to the local load centers. This appears to have the potential to address some of the transmission problems, peak load management, significant utilization of renewable energy, rural electrification (esp. remote villages) in many

Operation & Maintenance

The total life time of solar PV power plants is 25 years. Even though, Solar PV panels last at least 25 years, whereas inverters come with an 1-2 year warranty only. To maximize the total life cycle of these solar PV power plants up to 25 years and to optimize the energy yield and performance of individual components of solar PV power plants, a very good Monitoring based Operation and Maintenance (O&M) process becomes more and more important.

Grid Stability

A steady balance between production and consumption is the essential criteria for a stable electricity grid and guarantees secure supply at the standard frequency. To keep the grid in stable condition is very crucial during upset conditions, including sudden loss of renewable energy generation(wind, solar,etc) or during when the on-line electrical generation capacity falls below the electrical load connected to the grid which results in brown-outs and /or power outages.