Solar PV Micro-Grid with E-Mobility In Smart City Environment Workshops 2017

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Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg Workshops 2017

Lufft (A Passion for Precision) – UdoClick here

Solar Cluster BW – VictorClick here

DENA E-Mobility – Srinath PClick here

Inter Solar India DEC2017 – FlorainClick here

Corporate Presentation (MANZ AG) – HannesClick here

Company Presentation (KACO) – PhilipsClick here

Current Research Topics – M.Sc. Ruben(ZSW)Click here

Solar Cluster BW – CarstenClick here

Technical Skill Development – ChristianieClick here

Solar Rooftops integrated in the Smart Cities Environment Workshop_Bangalore-14th FebClick here

Workshops 2016

Smart Cities in Tamil Nadu Workshop_Chennai-24th Nov Smart Rooftop Workshop_Chennai-18th Oct Making of Stadtwerke Ganhigram-Workshop_Schwaebisch Hall_26th Oct Rooftop Workshop_Madurai – 30th May 2016 Rooftop Workshop_Chennai – 27th May 2016 Re2TN Final Meeting Presentations Workshop_German Best Practices of O&M for Solar PV Power Plants RE2TN workshop – Presentations DEG_Kick_off_meeting_v2.9_02.02.2015 iPLON RE2TN Flyer_V2.0 iPLON Brochure IPlon O&M Brochure Magic Box Magic Box Datasheet